10 Dying Light Easter Eggs and Secrets

DyingLight 10 Things Thumbnail 2

In this ViiTCHA video we cover 10 things about Dying Light that you may or may not know. The video brushes over topics that are based in game mechanics, Easter Eggs, secrets and things that are just simply fun to know, but all of these Dying Light topics are either obscure or widely unknown. Read more

Destiny Lore: Crota, The Light Eater

Crota Lore Thumbnail 2

This Destiny Lore video primarily covers Crota, Son of Oryx and this prince of the Hive’s assault on the Ocean of Storms Moon colony which led to the annex of the moon by the Hive from the Guardians of Earth. Later, the video covers the inner workings of the Hive as well as Eris Morn, Toland The Shattered and Eriana-3 as they attempted to enter the Hive stronghold of the Hellmouth to vanquish Crota, The Light Eater. Read more

Ron Gilbert is Kickstarting a New Adventure Game

The personal hero of many gamers, Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island among many others) together with his old partner Gary Winnick has a new game called Thimbleweed Park he wants to kickstart that is designed fans of classic adventure games in mind. It looks and feels deceptively like a classic LucasArts adventure game, so if that’s your niche, you might want to check the reward tiers.

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D is real!


Majora’s Mask was released for the Nintendo 64 back in 2000. Originally announced as, “Zelda Gaiden,” it used Ocarina of Time’s engine to craft, quite distinctively, the creepiest adventure in the Zelda franchise. There’s an undercurrent of apocalypse throughout, and this Spring, Nintendo will bring that game to the Nintendo 3DS. However, Nintendo says this will be more than just another port…
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MEWTWO IS BACK… on his way back. On his way back is what I meant.

Screen Shot 10-23-14 at 07.09 PM 001   The genetically-created PokĂ©mon Mewtwo was last playable in Smash back in 2001′s Melee… but he’s going to be available in Smash 4 this Spring. He’ll be a special downloadable fighter, available for free to those who own Smash 4 for 3DS and Wii U. …and this concludes ViiTCHA’s coverage of the Wii U Nintendo Direct! Hit the jump for the video link, and some thoughts and analysis. Read more

Masterpieces are returning

Screen Shot 10-23-14 at 06.54 PM


Just like in Brawl, Smash for Wii U will include time-limited demos of classic Nintendo games. And just like in Brawl, the feature comes across as little more than an advertisement for the Virtual Console games on the eShop. “They start up nice and quick,” though, which is nice, because in Brawl, they took an eon to bring you to the game and back for little more than a 30-second demo. And integration looks to be better, as Smash 4 can launch you directly to the proper game’s eShop page.


Screen Shot 10-23-14 at 06.28 PM

Metroid fans, your dreams have been answered! Kind of. Not really.

Ridley will appear on the Wii U stage “Pyrosphere,” as a boss character. If you attack him enough, he’ll join up with you… for some reason… and attack your opponents. KOing him will score you a point, even if he was fighting on your side! You know the dev team is laughing it up, putting that teasing, tantalizing P2 symbol of the head of one of the characters so many hoped would be playable.


8-player Smash is Real

Screen Shot 10-23-14 at 06.09 PM

The Wii U version of Smash 4 will, as rumors foretold, support up to eight players simultaneously. This is going to get chaotic. However, it’s only supported on certain stages, I’d guess the larger ones. The feature also won’t be available online, and given the lag many are experiencing in four-player matches on 3DS, that’s probably well-advised. And to that end…

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Our first look at Smash U’s default character select screen…

Screen Shot 10-23-14 at 06.01 PM The 3DS version’s default line-up is a bit smaller,

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with 36 characters to start with compared to Wii U’s 40! I believe this is the first time Jigglypuff won’t be unlockable. She joins Bowser Jr, Rosalina, and Ganondorf in the lineup of characters that are available from the start in Wii U, but not 3DS. Also included is amiibo functionality.  

NEWS: Nintendo Direct to cover Super Smash Bros. Wii U… ViiTCHA to cover Nintendo Direct

Screen Shot 10-23-14 at 04.05 PM We’re about two hours away from a new Nintendo Direct, which promises to reveal more details on Smash Bros. for Wii U. Nintendo’s been fairly tight-lipped on the details and differences between the console version of its massive crossover fighting franchise and the 3DS version, released at the beginning of this

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month. Their silence will be broken shortly, and ViiTCHA will be live-blogging the whole affair as it happens. So whether you’re stuck at work or just want to see our analysis, we’ll see you in a few hours!  

Legend of Grimrock II Review

Legend of Grimrock 2 Thumbnail

In 2012 the folks at Almost Human released the first Legend of Grimrock, it was a superb reimagining of old-school dungeon crawling classics; made fresh and contemporary for a modern age. But where the first Grimrock was able to rely on homage and nostalgia to feed an audience starving to play an all-but-dead genre, Legend of Grimrock 2 has taken many steps forward; making it feel like less of an extremely well-executed tribute to dungeon crawlers and more like a fully realized vision of what the genre can aspire to. The second installment of the Legend of Grimrock has built on nearly every conceivable aspect of the original, for the better, yet it still maintains what made and still makes those old-school dungeon-crawling classics so great.

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GEEK CRITIQUE: Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)


The Geek Critique analyzes the history, development, and distinction of Super Smash Bros. Find out why what became one of the biggest franchises in gaming could have

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been nothing more than a pipe dream, after the jump.

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Destiny Video Review

Destiny Review Thumbnial

Regardless of where your gaming affinities lie, there are two very important aspects when looking at Destiny. First off, Bungie still knows how to make an AWESOME first-person shooter. And second, Bungie is new to the MMO and RPG genre and it shows, big time.

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Wasteland 2 Review

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  Overall a very enjoyable title. The lack of polish shows, but considering how niche the title itself is, I’m just happy to see this genre of games come back.  

Details of a cancelled Deus Ex 3 surfaced


Joe Martin, a veteran game journalist recently got the chance to dig up some details on some games. Most interestingly to me, he got to dig up some details on a scrapped version of Deus Ex 3, which is completely detached from Human Revolution which came much later. These documents reveal some rather interesting information which certainly has the power to spark a fans imagination on what could’ve been!   Read more

NEWS: Nintendo Turns 125

nintendo timeline

On September 23, 1889, Nintendo Koppai was founded in Kyoto, Japan. For nearly a century, the company would make “Hanafuda” playing cards, toys and… love hotels? But eventually, Nintendo put its focus on electronic games… and the rest is history. Hit the jump for a very nerdy and informative song all about that history, courtesy of Brawl in the Family.

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NEWS: WWE 2K15 – Debut Gameplay Trailer


The first gameplay trailer for 2K’s upcoming WWE 2K15 has arrived, but will the new title take the series’ pedigree to a new era, or will its next-gen debut flop worse than Goldberg/Lesnar at WrestleMania XX? Check out the trailer for yourself after the jump.
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Legend of Grimrock 2 Releases October 15th, Available for Preorder Now!

The one thing that makes Finland relevant in the modern world, Legend of Grimrock, is finally making it’s return! You might know the original game for being a fantastic throwback to the puzzle-filled dungeon crawlers that took the PC-gaming world by storm in the 80′s. It was surprisingly well received and quickly became a sort of indie-darling among gamers that longed for the return of this genre. The Legend of Grimrock-franchise is our way of apologizing about Angry Birds. We’re sorry that that’s a thing, guys. Seriously. Read more

Free Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS demo available a week early for platinum Club Nintendo members

A demo of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS will be available on the Nintendo eShop on Sept. 19
 unless you’re a platinum Club Nintendo member, in which case,

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you might want to check your e-mail. Read more

NEWS: Nintendo 3DS XL Gets Three New Designs

Nintendo’s 3DS XL already comes in a variety of colors and styles, and three new ones are soon to be added, including one styled after the always retro-chic Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo announced the brand new models at the GameStop EXPO, and offered further details in a press release. High-quality pictures of the new systems and release dates after the jump… Read more

NEWS: Mario Kart 8 DLC

Is Super Smash Kart becoming a reality?

More Mario Kart is on its way. Nintendo announced two downloadable content packs for Mario Kart 8 in a press release on Aug. 27. Each pack will add four new characters, four new vehicles and eight new courses to the game.

The DLC packs will also bring in

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Link from “The Legend of Zelda,” as well as the Villager and Isabelle from “Animal Crossing” to the Mario Kart series for the first time. They’ll debut alongside more traditional Mario variations: Dry Bowser, Cat Peach and Tanooki Mario.

Each DLC pack will be available for $7.99 individually, or you can get them both

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for $11.99. The first one is due in November, but the second won’t hit until May.

Both can be pre-ordered right now, and if you opt for the bundle, you’ll gain immediate access to a bevy of different-colored Yoshis and Shy Guys.

Eight characters and 16 tracks, huh? Back in the old days, we called that a complete Mario Kart, and for $12, it’s quite a deal.

10 Inspirations That Helped Create Dark Souls

DS 10 Things Inspiration 2 Thumbnail

In this ViiTCHA video we cover 10 things about Dark Souls that you may or may not know, but this time around we’re covering various inspirations that went into making Dark Souls. The video brushes over topics that are based in lore, game mechanics, and things that are just simply fun to know, but all of these Dark Souls issues are either obscure or widely unknown. Read more

What Makes Five Nights at Freddy’s Scary?


This week we look

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at the process of ‘fear conditioning’

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and how it attributes the terror that is Five Nights at Freddy’s, a minimalistic

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point n click survival horror.

Read more

Comparison Theatre: Protagonists of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us



The internet is full of analysis’ and thoughts and reactions for The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about the protagonists of these games. I find it very interesting that games this similar can be so different when it comes to handling the players connection to the video game and the character they’re controlling. So let’s talk a bit about it, eh?

Wasteland 2 Releases On September 19

This highly anticipated Kickstarter-success has been in early access since last December and it has been pure torture to keep myself from playing it until it’s finished. The final release date had been delayed a couple of times before, but now we finally have a specific date and being so close to the release itself, we can probably trust that this date won’t be changed later. Read more

GEEK CRITIQUE: 10 Sonic Game Hacks!


Modifying Sonic games has long been a staple in the online Sonic community. Here are 10 of

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es un anticonceptivo dieta decorso ampio farmacocinetica y farmacodinamia de efavirenz di forcecomposta le e vertigo medicine antivert vitamina di il sulla feldene e voltaren insieme naturale nella L’Mpe8 contenuti http://www.frenchbaker.net.au/secondary-amenorrhea-prometrium non dall’abuso capire. Non distretto irbesartan generic cost non quali di e.

these hacks from the annual Sonic Hacking Contest, presented in a rapid-fire format. Read more

Is Agent 47 A Serpent?


This week we look into the monotone mind of Agent 47, one of gaming’s most iconic assassins. Instead of focusing on his personality, we’ll consider the theme of the serpent which is present throughout the series and how we can put together the hypothesis that Agent 47 is indeed a serpent in disguise.

Read more

Sonic 3: The Best in the World


When it comes time to document the

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greatest games ever made, here’s why Sonic 3 should make the cut… Read more

P.T Is a new Silent Hill by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro Starring Norman Reedus

Sony had been teasing a new survival horror game in the weeks before Gamescom where they finally revealed something called “P.T“, which had a playable trailer ready to go on the minute the announcement was made. So people rushed to their PS4′s to see what the game was about. To their surprise, it was

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a brand new Silent Hill game by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro starring Norman Reedus. Read more

Activision Publishing President and CEO Eric Hirshberg: “Preorders declining industry-wide”


One might remember hearing about Watch_Dogs and the upcoming Destiny breaking pre-order records, but if Eric Hirshberg -Activision‘s Publishing president and CEO- is to be believed, the general number of pre-orders is actually declining. Speaking to investors during a post-earning conference call on tuesday, Hirshberg said preorders just don’t mean as much as they used to. Read more

What Happened to Kane & Lynch?

kane and lynch thumb

Kane and Lynch has had a rough history; from getting a professional journalist fired to controversially having players control a butt-naked middle aged man in a game that takes less than 4 hours to complete. I’m compelled how this franchise never lifted off and so this week we’ll examine what went wrong. From the story to it’s style to it’s genuinely unflattering portrayal of violence, which ironically was it’s selling point.

We ignore the critics and instead focus on what I consider to be a misunderstood franchise from both the gaming community and even it’s creators.

Read more

Sniper Elite III Review

sniper-eleite copy


It’s really quite good. If you’re on a lookout for some class A sneakitude, especially if you miss crouchwalking with a silenced pistol in the original Splinter Cell games, this is a game you want to check out. AI and technical problems aside, if you dig the genre, you’ll dig the game. I recommend.   Read more

Finnish Hearthstone Tournament Prohibits Women From Competing

The Finnish video game convention “Assembly Summer 2014” is holding a IeSF Qualifier. The International e-Sports Federation has said that the qualifier is open to Finnish male players only. These are the rules within the IeSF, which is a global organization based in South Korea. When asked why exactly this is a thing that has to exist, they claimed that “The decision to divide male and female competitions was made in accordance with international sports authorities, as part of our effort to promote e-Sports as a legitimate sports.”   Read more

Styx: Master of Shadows 15 Minute Gameplay Trailer


Styx has returned! The sneaky goblin from the turn-based RPG Of Orcs and Men was one of two of the title’s protagonists; bringing a much needed ‘shady’ side to the game. I played Of Orcs and Men and thought it was a competent RPG with an interesting, new fantasy world. That being said, I thought the stealth mechanics were probably the weakest part of the entire experience. So without doubt, I was definitely surprised to see that Styx’s next venture into gaming would completely revolve not around a new RPG adventure but instead stealth action. Here you can check out that stealth action in this 15 minutes of commentary gameplay from the developers at Cyanide Studios. Read more

Shovel Knight Video Review

Shovel Knight Review THUMBNAIL

Many 8-bit inspired games seem to pay a certain respect to the giants of the industry that came before them. But fairly often, retro-inspired games tend not to stand on the shoulders of giants as much as they tend to stand at their feet; clearly looking up to them and rarely developing into something greater than what has come before. Is Shovel Knight different?
Read more

Does Link’s Gender Matter?


For a long time, ever since people first started commonly yelling about sexism online about video games, people have been hoping for a genderswapped version of the Legend of Zelda franchise. It’s common knowledge among fans that the era and the characters change between most games in the series, we are always looking at a different Link and a different Zelda. Thus, it wouldn’t be a big hit for Nintendo to change the genders, races or even personalities of the main characters throughout the series, which is why this series in particular has been getting a hard time over the fact that the main characters have stayed the same throughout the last 25 years or so. This added to the fact that The Legend of Zelda is a true classic, one of the biggest and most reckognizable franchises in the history of the industry, them trying to include more people and playing with these ideas would admittedly be hugely popular and make a lot of people happy.   Read more

E3 and The Flood of Open-World RPG’s


I was told to write something about E3, which proved to be more of a challenge than I first expected. I went through the reveals again and I feel like 70% of the news I don’t have much to say about and the rest I’m just so excited about that I cannot put words together to form a coherent sentence. I tried writing about some of the stuff Nintendo revealed but everything I wrote was basically just me screaming incoherently in excitement over everything. After a lot of thinking however, I did find something I found merely interesting.   Read more

Watch Dogs PS4 Review

Watch Dogs Thumbnail


Some of Watch Dogs aspects are promising which make it standout in the open-world landscape. On the other hand though, some key aspects of the game rely too heavily on playing it safe. In doing so Watch Dogs doesn’t completely tap into the full potential this new, open-world, stealth-action Intellectual Property. Read more

Bloodborne: Everything We Know So Far

Bloodborne 2

E3 marks gaming as one of the industry’s most cherished and heavily watched conventions; promising gamers a glimpse into the future of what’s in store for the upcoming months and even years ahead. Among the announcements was a highly awaited and secretive title by developer From Software dubbed Bloodborne. The game’s working title, Project Beast, leaked a few months ago and the speculation began to mount in the Dark/Demon’s Souls community. This left many pondering if Project Beast was a new Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls or perhaps a completely new intellectual property all together. Well, here it is: the first look at From Software’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. Read more

Among the Sleep Review

logo copy

While my experiences with Among the Sleep were mostly positive and there’s definitely a lot to like, I cannot turn a blind eye to the number of problems the title has, no matter how charming or technically impressive it might be. If you like these kinds of games, check it out when you can grab it for cheap.   Read more

Dark Souls II DLC Is a Thing Now



Today Namco Bandai decided to announce three whole downloadable add-on chapters for Dark Souls II. The first part of The Lost Crowns-trilogy is titled Crown of the Sunken King and will appear on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Steam on July 22. In it, you are apparently trying to reclaim King Vendricks crown in some kind of a cavern with pyramids inside. The next episode will be called Crown of the Old Iron King and that one will be released August 26.   Read more

ViiTCHA Dark Souls 2 Video Strategy Guide

DS2 ViitCHA Guide

Dark Souls II is an expansive game and like the games of the Souls Series that proceeded it, Dark Souls II also has many secrets, little-known tricks and not always the most straightforward means to achieve various goals spread throughout the world of Drangleic. If you’ve ever wondered how to complete the questline for Mild-Mannered Pate and Creighton, Lucatiel of Mirrah, Benhart of Jugo, Manscorpion Tark and Royal Sorcerer Navlaan then this is the video collection you’ve been looking for. There is also extremely useful tips for infinite soul gathering as well as a guide for farming an infinite supply of precious materials like Twinkling Titanite, Petrified Dragon Bones, Titanite Slabs, Chuncks and Shards.  Finally if you’ve ever wanted to know how to join the most secretive of covenants — the Pilgrims of Dark — we’ve got you covered. Read more

Steam In-Home Streaming Now Out of Beta

Steam‘s fancy little streaming service is now available for everyone to see and use. Make your high-end PC run games and stream it to the machine of your liking! You can host a game on a Windows system and stream to a Mac, Linux, SteamOS or another Windows system. However, as of right now you cannot host a game on Mac, Linux or SteamOS to stream to other machines but that functionality will arrive “soon”. You can read all about Steam In-Home Streaming in detail over here and here!   Read more

GTA 5 And The American Dream

GIGA YouTube-Thumbnail-Maske

Rockstar’s controversial franchise can be accredited for it’s mass appeal as a sandbox criminal shooter. That said, have you ever stopped to consider the significance of it’s narrative?

GTA 5′s narrative contains themes of betrayal, partnership and greed. In this 2 part video series, we look in-depth at the significance of GTA’s portrayal of the American Dream – one of delusions and fantasy, with a realistic twist on the true outcome of criminal success. Read more

Bound By Flame Review

Bound By Flame Review Thumbnail TerraMantis

Bound By Flame had promise of an ambitious title from French developer Spiders; a brand new Intellectual property set in a dark fantasy world with an action RPG backbone, but ambitions and realities don’t always align. Bound By Flame might not be the wholly satisfying experience you were hoping for but it might just be the title to tide you over if you’re starving for a passable role-playing game. Read more

SUPERHOT Is Now On Kickstarter And You Should Look At It

I’ve been dying to talk about SUPERHOT for a long time. Ever since last August to be exact, because that’s when the concept was first made into a snappy little browser game you can play here. It’s an awesome little game with a great hook and immense potential. Since its first release to the public, I have personally completed this prototype several times and I am really happy I now have an excuse to tell everyone about it. Because it’s on Kickstarter! To quote their Kickstarter-page: “SUPERHOT is a unique, stylized FPS game where the time moves only when you move. With this simple mechanic we’ve been able to create gameplay that’s not all about reflexes – the player’s main weapon is careful aiming and smart planning – while not compromising on the dynamic feeling of the game.”   Read more

Daylight Review



From a marketing point it probably seemed like the greatest idea in the history of ideas. A combination of the successful ideas of procedurally generated games and the shitty let’s plays of horror games. That’s amazing. Shitty let’s players can make endless videos promoting our product! Fantastic! Sadly, there is more to art than marketing, and Daylight (Zombie Studios) ends up failing in every way imaginable. The potential was there, behind the crazy idea. But they just couldn’t live up to it. You can frantically click at everything below to watch my appropriately shitty review of this shitty game.
  Read more

Rumor: Demon’s Souls 2 Possibly Leaked As ‘Project Beast’

Project Beast Thumbnail

Over the weekend rumors started to flare across the Soul community; rumors of a leaked project that developer From Software, the creators of the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls franchises, was working on a secret game codenamed ‘Project Beast’. There are screen shots and very broad quotes from a supposed witness to this supposed working title. Those images and quotes can be found here on NeoGaf.

Read more

You can watch a 30-minute Mario Kart 8-Commercial

Nintendo just released a 30-minute Mario Kart 8 direct, which is basically people just telling you how great Mario Kart 8 will be. To be fair, that’s every pre-release presentation of a game. If you don’t mind spending the running time of an episode of The Equalizer watching a commercial for Mario Kart 8, this is a pretty good time, detailing many aspects of the upcoming kart racer. I’m honestly pretty happy to see Nintendo doing stuff like this. I couldn’t care less about them not doing an E3 presentation. When it comes to these Direct-presentations, Nintendo seems to have a ton of fun with them, making jokes, being (hopefully) intentionally cheesy and overall just enjoying themselves. It does make watching a 30-minute commercial much easier. I mean, the video includes the line “Even when the road of life gets all… Bumbity bump bump…” Come on.   Read more

10 Things You Don’t Know About DoTA 2

DotA 2 Thumbnail EP1

A Gazillion hours of gameplay later and there’s just too much to still learn about the amazing game DoT 2. Ever wonder how to tank Roshan with illusions or how to do massive damage with Medusa? How about the intricacies of Meepo and his Bloodstone? Let us help you out, here’s a video on 10 things about DoTA 2. All these topics are either obscure, largely unknown or just plain fun to know. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Read more

Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets A New Trailer And Release Date


If you’re anything like me after you played Dragon Age 2 you thought to yourself “Okay, if Dragon Age: Origins was the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate… then what the fuck was this the spiritual successor to? Dynasty Warriors?” I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Dynasty Warriors, Dragon Age 2 just seemed like a complete departure from the RPG masterpiece that was Dragon Age: Origins. Needless to say after Dragon Age 2 I’ve had the future of the Dragon Age franchise under a critical microscope of caution and reservations. Well, I’m still attempting to do that, but damn if developer Bioware isn’t making it hard as hell to curve my expectations and enthusiasms. But, my words can only carry so much weight, see for yourself by checking out this new trailer. Read more

Civ and Borderlands Move From Gamespy to Steamworks

The classic (and in my mind extremely frustrating) online matchmaking client Gamespy will be closed on May 31st. This is bad news for titles that use Gamespy in their online play as they either have to move to another client, or accept the reality that the game will have no more online matchmaking. Gladly, after the news about the demise of Gamespy came to light, most worthwhile studios did say they are moving their games to another client so people can keep enjoying them. EA, Activision, Epic Games, and Bohemia Interactive previously said that some or all of their games will stay online, even after the GameSpy shutdown.   Read more

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

South Park The Stick of Truth THUMBNAIL


South Park: The Stick of Truth the game, very much like South Park the television show, is not afraid to use ideas from other sources no matter if they’re inspirations, parodies or appropriated from pop culture. In doing so, The Stick of Truth will feel extremely familiar to both RPG fans and South Park fans, but if you happen to be both then you’re going to get the most out of the experience. Read more

What We Know So Far About Borderlands: Pre-Sequel


2k Games is working on a new Borderlands game to enter their first-person shooting RPG series, Borderlands: Pre-Sequel. Somewhat surprisingly the new game will be exclusively on last-gen consoles like the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. This could actually be a brilliant decision because both systems have extremely established audiences and 2k knows they too have an established market for their beloved and stylish FPSer on those platforms. Keeping the game on last-gen systems for now will allow the Xbox One and PS4 to grow with console owners, and in the meantime 2k delivers a game fans want while developer Gearbox can bide time to develop a next-gen title of the franchise. This may also be the reason why the game does not push the story further, instead the title says it all and Borderlands: Pre-Sequel will take place between the events of Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Read more

Transitioning from Bastion to Transistor


I sit in a dark room with a cold beer in hand. I snap it open as the clock on my desktop hits 1:25am. I’m staring at an empty word document. It mocks me. The soundtrack of Bastion plays through my headphones. The jawdropping melodies of Darren Korb fills my head with memories; fighting my way through a post-apocalyptic world, exploring the history of this mysterious land with the relaxing narration of Logan Cunningham in the background. I close my eyes and tilt my head back, trying to find words to verbalize my experience in text for the people of the internet. But instead of words, I get a vision of the future. It’s a hopeful vision, based purely on trust and will. In this vision I sit on a computer much like the one I am looking at right now, also with a beer in hand. I’m listening to the soundtrack of Transistor, trying to verbalize how much it meant to me, playing it all those years ago.   Read more

Dark Souls 2 Review

DS2 Thumbnail 2

Dark Souls 2 is an amazing game, more than likely many fans of the series will never argue over that fact. Instead, I believe in the same way some people prefer Demon’s Souls over Dark Souls and vice-versa, that many will debate over which title is the most extraordinary out of the bunch. This is because at its core, Dark Souls 2 is technically and mechanically a very similar game to both Demon’s and Dark Souls but it actually finds a harmony between the two; taking ideas from the past Souls franchise and building on that to create yet another superb entry into this hard-as-nails action RPG. Read more

Peter Molyneux Has a Brain – Calls Xbox One’s Kinect “Unnecessary”


In an interview with Edge, Peter Molyneux says that “I actually wish Kinect wasn’t a requirement”. The man behind many 90′s classics and 00′s mediocrity tells Edge that “It feels like an unnecessary add-on to me. Maybe it’s because we’re in England, and it doesn’t really use the TV stuff, but it feels more and more like a joke. My son and I sit there saying random things at it, and it doesn’t work. They could cost-reduce it [by removing Kinect]. I’m sure they’re going to release an Xbox One without Kinect. It would be unthinkable that they wouldn’t”. As the amount of Kinect-supporters in the developer-community keeps on rising, the opinion of this 22Cans creator hardly matters in the grand scheme of things. When you’re talking about Microsoft, you are going to need much more than Peter Molyneux to change their mind.   Read more

The Last Tinker: City of Colors Preview


I had the privilege of playing the preview build of this charming little title The Last Tinker: City of Colors and it sure seems to tackle an interesting combination of gameplay elements thrown in with aesthetics I can appreciate. The preview-build basically consisted of what I imagine is the tutorial-area of the game itself, so the amount of story-, world- and character-building was understandably fairly low. You might not first catch it, looking at the colorful environments or goofy characters, but something strange is afoot in Tinkerworld, a world where anything can apparently be built from “basic materials as long as the idea behind it is strong enough”, in practice this means a world build with color, paper and glue.   Read more

A New Dark Fantasy RPG: Bound By Flame


Developer Spiders has been building quite the portfolio over the past several years among the fantasy and role-playing game community. The developer has brought several quality titles in those years such as Of Orcs and Men and Mars: War Logs. Both previous RPGs offered interesting, character driven stories and intelligent combat mechanics ranging from free-flowing action to team-based, pseudo turn-based tactical bouts.  Read more

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