Game Music in the 90s

Major Third Game Music 90s

This week, take a look at video game music in the 90s, how it worked, and the technology that made it possible.

Each of the major systems (SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, and Playstation) had diverse sounds and there’s a reason for that! The various systems had different technology that made sound possible and also gave each system a unique feel. This video takes a look at these technologies and the incredible music each made.

Like the video? Check out some over stuff onĀ Major Third’s youtube channel!

Intro music by me. Other music includes:

“Donut Plains (world 2)” by Koji Kondo (from Super Mario World)
“Title Screen Theme” by Michael Land and Patrick Mundy (from The Secret of Monkey Island)
“Beauty, the Young Serving Girl” by Chris Braymen (from King’s Quest VI)
“stage 1″ by Yuzo Koshiro (from Streets of Rage)
“SEGA chant” by Masato Nakamura (from Sonic the Hedgehog, among other things)
“Birth of the People” by Yuzo Koshiro (from Actraiser)
“Onett Theme” by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, and Hiroshi Kanazu (from Earthbound)
“The Big Bug Fan Club” by Robin Beanland (from Jet Force Gemini)
“Mullen” by Noriyuki Iwadare (from Grandia)
“Brink of Time” by Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda (from Chrono Trigger)

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