Game Music Setting the Mood

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Music changes the way people see things. This week, take a look at some examples of music changing the perception of things and the types of music in games.

Music can change the mood of a scene to be two completely different things. This video tries to explore that concept, especially in video games. Like the video? Check out some over stuff on Major Third’s youtube channel!

Intro and outro music are by myself. Other music includes:
“High Roller” by Peter McConnell (from Grim Fandango)
“Gotta Start Somewhere” by Inon Zur (from Fallout 3)
“Mighty Mighty Man” by Roy Brown (feat. in Fallout 3)
“New Worlds” by Jack Wall (from Mass Effect 2)
“Welcome to Columbia” by Garry Schyman (from BioShock Infinite)
“Title Screen” by Unknown (from Superman 64) *NOTE* If you can find who did the music for Superman 64 I would be grateful. I couldn’t find the name anywhere.

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