You can watch a 30-minute Mario Kart 8-Commercial

Nintendo just released a 30-minute Mario Kart 8 direct, which is basically people just telling you how great Mario Kart 8 will be. To be fair, that’s every pre-release presentation of a game. If you don’t mind spending the running time of an episode of The Equalizer watching a commercial for Mario Kart 8, this is a pretty good time, detailing many aspects of the upcoming kart racer. I’m honestly pretty happy to see Nintendo doing stuff like this. I couldn’t care less about them not doing an E3 presentation. When it comes to these Direct-presentations, Nintendo seems to have a ton of fun with them, making jokes, being (hopefully) intentionally cheesy and overall just enjoying themselves. It does make watching a 30-minute commercial much easier. I mean, the video includes the line “Even when the road of life gets all… Bumbity bump bump…” Come on.  

It honestly looks like a fine game, just like any other first party Nintendo title. They know how to do it. The lineup of games on the Wii U is finally starting to appeal to me. I liked the console already, now it has enough games to justify a purchase. I will have to keep my eyes open for one, it might be time to get a Wii U. The two other big consoles this gen still have a long way to go for me. To end this rambling before it gets out of hand, have a great traditional Finnish May Day holiday, Vappu! Remember to spice up your traditional Finnish Sima with some traditional Finnish Vodka! It’s the only way to drink it! I’ll leave you with a traditional Finnish video that very much embodies our mindset.